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Our experience building the mosque pulpit by attractive design.Each design we generate emphasize Islamic values   shape and decorated with Quran verses as appropriate.


Here is some information about the history of the pulpit ..


   A mimbar (Arabic: منبر, also spelled pulpit or mimber) is a pulpit in a mosque where the imam (prayer leader) stands to deliver sermons (khutbah خطبة) or Hussainia in which the speakers sit and lecture the congregation.


  mimbars usually more like pulpits in height and their structural function and position more similar to the podium of one, stressed the relationship with the audience. Mimbar usually shaped like a small tower with pointed roof and stairs leading to it. Some believed that decorate it are part of the Sunnah, the Prophet Muhammad had only opposite a platform with three steps. Mimbar is located on the right side of the sanctuary, dedicated to showing the direction of prayer (ie towards Mecca). Mimbar is also a symbol of authority.


  In some mosques there platform (mahfili Adhan in Turkey) against the mimbar. That is the place where the assistant imam, prayer, stood up during prayer. Azan read the answer to the prayers the Imam.


  Now the world's oldest Islamic pulpit to be maintained intact the Great Mosque of Kairouan mimbar (the city of Kairouan in Tunisia). Dating from the 9th century (about 862 AD), it is eleven step ladder, made of carved teak and carved. The assembly consists of more than 300 parts finely chiselled, the Great Mosque of Kairouan minbar considered a jewel of Islamic art of wood.